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A few weeks ago, we were delighted to bring home our second Standarbred gelding, retired from racing days and in need of a new life and a loving home. The herd gathered, eager to meet their new friend, as we unloaded “the new guy” from the trailer.

Becoming One Herd

When a new horse comes to your ranch, they change things up a bit. You can’t just throw the new horse into the herd that already lives on your ranch, or bad things might happen. Horses in the wild don’t just show up and jump in with a new herd, they approach and retreat until/if […]


Today we welcomed Scooter to the ranch. Scooter is not a rescue horse, he simply needed a place to retire. He is at least 29 years old and he has some health issues, like a “wobbly back end,” but he is one of those horses people call “bomb proof” because he is mature, experienced, trustworthy, […]

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