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Harmony Program Moving Forward

We are delighted to announce that Achaius Ranch has been awarded a $25,000 grant* from the Montgomery County Community Foundation (MCCF)! This grant provides operating support

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We are excited to introduce our newest session horse! Quinn is a red Appendix Quarter horse, meaning he’s part quarter horse and part thoroughbred. He

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2020 Newsletter

As I sit here on a frosty December morning, pondering what to include in this newsletter, I hear the horses calling for their breakfast while

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2019 Newsletter

It came through a voicemail message from a stranger all the way across the country, who had never heard of Achaius Ranch before that day.

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2018 Newsletter

When she came to the ranch at the beginning of the season, Georgie’s* downcast eyes and hunched shoulders spoke of self-doubt, hinted that she might

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2017 Newsletter

Caci (not her real name) arrived at Achaius Ranch feeling so nervous that she struggled just to emerge from the protection of the family car.

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Newsletter 2016

All I knew about Grace (not her real name) when she first came to the ranch was that she had been labeled an “at risk”

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Newsletter 2015

“Why am I doing this? I often find myself asking. I’m weary and we’ve barely began. How will I keep going? I’m not even good

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Newsletter 2014

Late winter 2013. The promise of new life, of ease, comfort and plenty after a miserably wet winter, a beautiful paint mare awaited springtime. Did

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