Junior volunteer
(jv) program

Once a young person (usually at least 12 years of age) has participated in multiple sessions for at least one season, they may be eligible to apply for our JV Program the following spring.

JVs commit to volunteering all summer on a weekly basis (typically two days per week).

JVs commit to participating in JV training at the beginning of the summer.

JVs serve as part of a team during sessions, assigned to a Session Leader, a horse, and a session participant.

JVs also are provided with the opportunity to participate in their own ongoing horsemanship training (including riding).

Our highly popular JV Program has limited positions available, with increasing numbers of young people applying each year.

For more information about our JV Program, please contact Elisha McCulloh: elisha@achaiusranch.org or (765) 376-9535.

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