our herd


(born 2018), a Tobiano Paint mare, is intelligent, friendly, confident, and generally a great little horse. She was purchased in July, 2020 from a neighbor and volunteer, Grace Terry, who did a fantastic job of starting her.


(born 2009) is a Quarter Horse gelding that we adopted from a therapeutic riding center in Spring, 2018. It turns out that his horsenality (left brain introvert) is a better match for our program than for their needs (he has a different kind of job here). We gave him the name, Duffy, because it means “dark one who brings peace.” He is calm, confident, intelligent, and has indeed brought more peace to our herd. He has proven a valuable addition to our programs.


(born August 2004) is an adorable hackney pony. He is full of energy and quite the little commander, which is why he was renamed Napoleon. He is completely oblivious to his small size. He moves like a dream with the most gorgeous trot. He is very playful and loves to be scratched. He came to us from a wonderful older man who needed to find a new home for him due to his poor health. What a delightful addition he has made to our herd. (You can read Napoleon’s arrival story here.)


(born 2014) is a delightful Welsh pony. Intelligent, confident, playful and fun to ride, she has won the hearts of young and old alike. Previous owners found her unwilling to stay fenced in, but she has made no effort to leave her new home at Achaius Ranch.


(pronounced Yah+go; born in 2002) is a 1/4 Belgian Warmblood, 1/4 Thoroughbred, and 1/2 Paint gelding. He is our biggest horse, a gentle giant. Willing and eager to please, friendly, and easy going with a beautiful big trot and canter. Iago has proven to be an exceptional session horse. 


(born 2011) is a Quarter horse gelding. While a playful horse, he is steady, doesn’t spook easily, and accepts leadership without a fuss. 


(born 2005) is a blind appaloosa miniature horse. Faith was not born blind . . . sadly, we believe she went blind due to chronic untreated eye infections. Her hooves and teeth needed some serious attention as well, and after a good trim and some dental work, she’s been great. We had her eyes removed after a few years of continued decline. Faith is trusting and so very sweet. She is such a joy to have here at the ranch.


(born in 2012) is a round little mini, or possibly a Shetland, who came to us in April 2017. He came from a loving home where he had recovered after abuse/neglect from previous owners. His rescuer was no longer able to keep him and sought us out. Pumpkin is a confident little guy with a lot of spunk and energy.


(born approximately 1996) is a Quarter Horse mare who came to us in July of 2011 from the Indiana Horse Rescue, where she had lived for five years after being confiscated from her previous abusive owner. For more info on her arrival, and why we brought her to Achaius Ranch, please read here. She is fearful of new things, but is one of the sweetest horses ever and has learned to trust people more. We do not ride her, but she loves to be groomed and to have her mane brushed, and to simply be with you.

Blackberry & Brego

These are our two newest rescued horse. Brego (born 2008) is a wonderful Mustang gelding. Little Blackberry was his sole companion before we adopted them both from another rescue that was closing its doors. She was born in approximately 1986.

*These horses are owned and all expenses paid by our founders, and we are blessed to have them as part of our programs.

other animals

Besides our beloved horses we have the most delightful pair of miniature donkeys who are friends and protectors to our blind little Faith, as well as a variety of dogs and cats, and a barnyard of goats, a potbelly pig, and chickens, who can’t get enough of being loved on by everyone who visits the ranch. Well, maybe not so much the chickens, haha!

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