Your donations are crucial to this ministry

Achaius Ranch is a 501(c)(3) charity, funded by donations, which are tax deductible. By the grace of God, through generous donations, so far we have been able to provide our services free of charge.

Below are some ongoing expenses.

Approximate annual routine* expenses to care for one average horse:

The ranch has many other expenses and needs, such as:

Donate Now

If you would like for your donation to go directly to helping with horse care or expenses for our youth program, we encourage you to participate in either/both of our sponsorship programs:

“This is something that is so special and unique for a small community. For children to be able to interact with horses and the staff at no charge is truly a blessing. Financial support for the ranch would do a great job to help strengthen the children in our community. By investing now in our youth, our community will be healthier in the future with more well-rounded and compassionate teenagers who stay out of trouble and are not involved with juvenile probation or other delinquent behavior.”

– (Anonymous – taken from 2016 survey of participants.)

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