Elisha McCulloh, LCSW

is a founder and the Executive Director at Achaius Ranch. She holds a Masters in Social Work degree from Indiana University. Elisha has provided therapy for individuals and couples, supervised workers from a local social services agency, as well as graduate student interns at Achaius Ranch.  Fascinated by how God created our brains and nervous systems, Elisha incorporates trauma-informed methods for helping others, such as ecotherapy, equine-assisted EMDR, and Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT). Elisha and Rodney McCulloh have have raised three children together (including Nicole), who have blessed them with 10 grandchildren.

Here she is with her main equine partner, Iago.

Nicole Wilson

is a founder and our Managing Director. Nicole holds a Bachelors in General Studies and a Minor in Business from IUPUI. She is an equine specialist and equine-assisted learning facilitator, and  manages all of our volunteers, ranch animals and grounds. She is married to her wonderful husband Sam Wilson and together they are attempting to tame their four free-range children!

Ronin is Nicole’s equine partner.

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