Elisha McCulloh, LCSW

is the Program Director here at Achaius. She holds a Masters in Social Work degree from Indiana University. After setting aside her private therapy practice in Crawfordsville, IN to work full-time in this volunteer position, she has continued her professional development through hundreds of hours of training in trauma recovery, including EMDR (regular and equine assisted). Elisha has been an animal lover since childhood and has enjoyed and learned from horses by owning and caring for them since 2001. She has passed most of Parelli Level 3.

Here she is with her main equine partner, Iago.

Nicole Wilson

is our Ranch Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. While Nicole is involved in all aspects of our ministry, her main jobs are to care for the horses’ needs, keep the ranch maintained, train and manage volunteers, and train the horses. She has passed level 3 and portions of Level 4 in the Parelli program. She holds a Bachelors in General Studies and a Minor in Business from IUPUI. She is married to her wonderful husband Sam Wilson and together they are attempting to tame their four free-range children!

Ronin is Nicole’s equine partner.

Susan Belt

Our Harmony Program Coordinator is an experiential learning professional and science teacher. At Indiana University, she received her bachelor’s degree in middle school education and her master’s degree in outdoor recreation resource management focusing on adventure therapy and ecology. She is helping the ranch to develop more programs for youth and adults to participate in activities that promote healing and growth, having experienced first-hand the power of equine partners in the healing process after her husband’s fatal heart attack. 

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