summer youth program

Youth ages 8 – 18 work, play, and learn at the ranch. Our summer program runs weekday mornings in June and July. Each child participates one morning per week for 8 weeks, from 9:00 – 11:30 for a total of 20 hours.

Our focus is on facilitating potentially life-changing experiences, building positive relationships while engaging in activities designed to encourage personal healing and growth, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While most of the activities take place in a group arrangement, each participant is assigned a Leader (a member of our staff).

Each session begins with an opening prayer and a brief message to help us focus, followed by working together on a chore. Then the youth participate in an equine-assisted learning (EAL) activity (unmounted*). Our Program Director, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, then leads participants in a nature-based therapeutic activity, designed to build resilience.

We provide a snack each day.

To sign up and/or for more info, email

There is a suggested donation of $200 per child, to help cover our expenses for the entire 8-week program. But we don’t want a single child excluded due to cost! If the suggested donation amount would prevent you from sending your child, just talk to us and we’ll see how we can make sure your child can participate. Each person is created in the image of God and is precious to us; we sincerely wish to include every child who wants to be here.

*Please be aware that this is not a riding program. Info on riding lessons for all ages and pony rides can be found here; some additional services we offer can be found here.

what people are saying

“The opportunity to work with and be around horses is rare yet so beneficial for children. Add in the positive and encouraging atmosphere created by the staff and you have one of the best summer experiences available to children.”

“I absolutely love that everything is Christ-centered. It was wonderful to see my child be immersed in working with animals, learning new things every week, and also learning core values that she can apply to life right now! I wish there were more opportunities like this for more children!”

“This program is incredible for building character, morals and instilling the skills to care for animals with dedication and kindness to both animals and the people they interact with. I’ve seen a big improvement in my kids and the desire they have to give excellent care and attention to their pets because of the experience at the ranch.”

“All of my children have participated at Achaius at one time or another, first as participants, and later on as Junior Volunteers. They look forward to spending time with the horses every summer. The program has benefited my children by helping them to learn to have a good work ethic and respect for all of God’s creatures.”

“My daughter has grown so much by this program. She has ADHD and the ranch has helped her work in groups and meet new people, that is really hard for her to do. She loves to be around all the animals and play the games and learn about how to be a good friend. She has learned responsibilities and kindness to others and God’s creations.”

“My youngest daughter deals with sensory issues and inconsistent coping skills. She has a tendency to be shy in new environments. Achaius Ranch has been instrumental in helping her grow in many of the areas of focus this summer, while nurturing her love of animals. There was substantial growth in her creativity and willingness to work with others. AR has become a place where she feels loved and comfortable to openly share her thoughts, feelings, and events going on in her day to day life with her session leader.”

“Spending time in a structured, wholesome group activity that draws the child out of himself and turns him towards others is so valuable. The focus on work is especially helpful.”

“My middle daughter, who is entering her middle school years, has become more introverted and self-conscious over the last few years. The Ranch has played an enormous role in her life. It is a place that she woke up excited to go to on her assigned day. She thoroughly enjoyed the activities offered each week. While my kids have always enjoyed the programs Achaius Ranch has offered each summer, we absolutely loved the return to the grassroots approach [in 2022]. We loved that they brought in the areas of focus and taught life skills that will benefit our kids for years to come.”

“I have been a parent, foster parent, adoptive parent and grandparent. All kids need to be encouraged and valued along with learning the love of God from Godly people and the love and respect for animals and creation! It is also a great character building program!”


– (Parents of Achaius Ranch Session participants)

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