summer youth program

Youth ages 8 – 18 work, play, and learn at the ranch. Our summer program runs Monday through Thursday mornings, in June and July. Each child participates in one session (75 minutes) per week for a total of eight sessions.

While most of the activities will take place in a group arrangement, each participant will work one-on-one with a member of our staff.

Each session begins with an opening prayer and a brief message to help us focus, followed by working together on a chore. Then the youth participate in an equine-assisted learning activity (unmounted). Conditions permitting, there will sometimes be a mounted portion at the end of each session, which provides bilateral stimulation to aid the riders in processing what they have experienced in the learning activity, while talking one-on-one with their leader. The horse/rider is led at a walk to provide this important processing opportunity.

what people are saying

“Achaius Ranch has a powerful impact not only on the session children, but also on the horses and the staff. As one of the session leaders at the ranch, some of the most happy and empowering moments of my life are when I am able to help a child or horse heal and grow. I love seeing the joy on a child’s face and I have been told that a child had the best day of their life with me on multiple occasions. Achaius Ranch is a place where people are able to be natural and to find joy in the most wholesome way. All children should have this opportunity. Many don’t have that at home or at school, Achaius is able to provide the Christ centered environment, where children can love, heal, and grow.”

– (Achaius Ranch Session Leader)

“The youth program gives my daughter the opportunity to interact with horses that she would probably not have the opportunity to do otherwise. I love that the organization is faith based. Although the program is at no cost, I like that it teaches hard work through the kids service of having to do some work before having the training time with the horses. Good life lessons learned at the ranch.”

– (parent of a session participant)

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