Work Day 4/30/11

by Elisha McCulloh

Twenty-eight people, ages one through 78, participated in a fun, productive work day at the ranch on Saturday. We are greatly encouraged by all that was accomplished in just eight hours! The ranch is truly starting to take shape with the help of those who are joining us on this journey. A big thanks to all who came out and pitched in on the various projects.

We would also like to thank God for excellent weather and especially for safety. Working with chainsaws and other power tools, wrestling with thorn bushes, thorn trees, broken glass, rusty metal, etc. allows many opportunities for injury but it seems that we escaped with nothing worse than a thorn puncture in Rodney’s thigh.

Workers were divided into teams to tackle five projects.

The chainsaw crew, with the help of our oldest participant, Tom Wilson, removed thorn trees and other dead and/or unwanted trees.

Grandpa Tom
Rodney McCulloh

(Mike, you shouldn’t run with that thing!)

Mike Wilson

The fence-line clean-up crew removed treacherous wild rose bushes and other bushes and trees growing in the old fence row.

Andy and Damaris Zehner
Brian McCulloh
Jonathan and Andrew clear brush from the fence line

The fence building crew put boards up on the new posts we planted last month.

fence building crew
Sam Wilson
Caleb and Ben help with the new fence

The trash crew picked up debris left on and in the ground when rubbish was discarded and burnt by previous land owners.

Sophia helps with clean-up
A very tedious job!

Two lengths of unwanted old metal fencing were also removed.

Nicole Wilson rolling up the old fence

Again, thanks to all who helped! (More pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.)

And a special thanks to St. Stephen the First Martyr Orthodox Church in Crawfordsville, Indiana for sponsoring and participating in this event.


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  • those guys probably sleep with their chainsaws, and Mr. Wilson even has cool red chaps!!
    I can testify that Caleb is good at digging holes, I hope he helped with that. He planted most of the shrubs at church.


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