Now preparing to schedule sessions!

Summer is quickly approaching and we’re eager to open the gates for children and their families to visit, help out, learn, and play at Achaius Ranch!

We hope to start offering sessions in late June. (For information about our sessions, please visit ourĀ General Info page.)

Before we schedule sessions, we have a few big (and several small) projects to complete, including:

  • excavation work on our new arena – scheduled to begin this week
  • once the excavation is finished, we will construct a fence around the arena
  • preparing the barn for sessions in case of rain

Watch for upcoming news about a work day to complete these projects.

Parents/guardians of any interested child, ages 8 – 18, are invited to submit a session application immediately. (Please visit this page for more info and instructions.) As soon as we are able to set a definite starting date for sessions we will begin contacting applicants.

We expect our charter season to be exciting and dynamic, though session availability might prove somewhat limited, so we encourage you to let us know that you and your child(ren) are interested in being a part of what’s happening here at the ranch by submitting applications immediately! And please feel free to spread the word to any children/families you think might be interested.

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