Awesome Volunteers!

Written by Nicole Wilson

A few weeks ago we had a great group of volunteers come out with the Youth Service Bureau from Crawfordsville. What a fun, hardworking group they were! 

Our focus for the morning was to clean out one of our barns that had a lot of old hay and lots of miscellaneous items in it, and to move a bunch of wood into it that we’d been storing in our garage. Getting it out of our garage and into the barn was so wonderful and very needed! Here’s a hazy look, due to how humid and hot it was, at the finished product! Beautiful! Can’t believe I forgot to take a before picture!

Organized wood pile


We also got the manure scooped out of our two paddocks, and some broken fence boards replaced. We finished the morning with everyone grabbing a brush of some sort and showering the horses with brushes and love!






Grooming :)

It’s amazing how quickly things can get accomplished when you have great help! We are so grateful to everyone who came out and worked so hard! It’s such a blessing to have groups like this who are willing to get sweaty and dirty to help make this a better place for the kids and horses who come here! THANK YOU!

Youth Service Bureau Volunteers


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