important notice

Due to our focus this year on our Harmony Project (see an explanation under “trauma recovery”), we are not currently scheduling a Day Camp, but if you are interested in future opportunities, please contact Elisha McCulloh about future availability. or (765) 376-9535.

day camp

Day Camp is an opportunity for kids to enjoy a more intensive experience learning, playing, growing, and building relationships at Achaius Ranch.

Hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 4:00.

Each day, participants spend half of their day participating in horsemanship activities (which includes riding). Additional activities include helping with chores, a bible lesson, organized outdoor activities, free time, lunch, snacks, etc.

On the last day of Day Camp (Friday), families are encouraged to join us for lunch at noon and then stay to watch the Day Campers engage in “Parelli games,” in which they demonstrate skills learned during the week.

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